Marianne K., San Francisco, CA

“Gigi is a delightful person to work with. When I approached her that I was interested in taking a loose stone from an existing setting and placing it into something more to my current taste, she asked all the right questions to get a feeling of what I wanted. She directed me to a design of a ring that I wear all the time and get many compliments on. She will definitely be the person I use to design my next project.” 

Randi W., Berkeley, CA

“I have known Gigi for several years where she worked at a very high-end jewelry store. She has an excellent knowledge of gems, but more importantly, she has a flare for showing the right pieces of jewelry to the customer. She catches on quickly as to what the customer likes or dislikes and takes it from there. She has sold me numerous pieces of jewelry, all of which I love and wear on a regular basis. She definitely knows her business. Her personality is delightful, friendly, honest and not pushy, in any sense of the word.” 

Kate T., San Francisco, CA

"I recently visited Gigi to look into restoring and updating some gold jewelry. She was able to take my grandfather's watch chain (which had been made into a necklace but was broken and worn) and remake it into a bracelet - strengthening the links so it will last for many years to come. She is so easy to work with, and understands the emotional aspect of jewelry that you may have been given as a gift but no longer wear. She will go over possible options and her first priority is to make you happy and satisfied!" 

Ritsa K., Nicasio, CA

“I love my engagement ring. My fiancé, who I've never known to have an opinion on jewelry, LOVES my engagement ring and even shows photos to his friends. Gigi has a superb eye for style, both what's IN STYLE and what is MY STYLE. I always felt like I was her only client through our easy, relaxed correspondences, even though I know she has plenty. Fantastic customer service is truly second nature to her. I am looking forward to having her design many more pieces for me, and members of my family, including a matching wedding band!”

Michael P., Lafayette, CA

“Gigi guided us through choosing our wedding rings with impeccable taste and exactly the right touch. Also, her design skills and quick turnaround brought us from a vague description of a custom piece featuring a silly but precious doodle to a finished pendant and a very special gift on a tight deadline. We could not have asked for more.”