Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the custom design process typically take? The average time from our initial meeting to your finished product is 4-6 weeks. I am happy to work at your pace, however, to create the perfect, tailor-made piece for you.

Can you use my gold and/or gemstones to create my new piece? Yes (and no). I love re-purposing your old, dated jewels into something that is fresh and just your style. Before I can commit to using your materials, however, I need to inspect your gems for any potential flaws that could adversely affect the setting process. In addition, I can use your metal if it is fairly “clean” and does not contain large amounts of solder, as this can create pits in the final product. We can discuss this further when I see what you have.

If I leave my diamond (colored gemstone, metal, etc.) with you, are you insured in case of loss or theft? Yes, I am fully insured through a company that specializes in the jewelry business. If you leave an article that is exceptionally valuable, I can purchase additional coverage for the time I am working with that item.

Do you make house calls? Yes! I periodically meet clients outside of the gallery at their place of business, a coffee shop, etc. Call me to discuss whether this might be an option for you.

How should I care for my new jewelry? With anything you use (or in this case, wear) on a regular basis, proper care is very important for the longevity of your new object d’ art. Like an automobile needs periodic oil-changes and tune-ups, your jewelry needs periodic inspections and cleaning to keep it looking its best. I will discuss care and maintenance with you when I present your final piece.

Do you provide appraisal services? One of my team members provides very thorough appraisals, and I will work with them on your behalf.

Do you do repair work? I do. Just make an appointment to bring the piece(s) by so I can work on an estimate. I do not provide estimates over the phone, as each repair is unique.

I'm thrilled with my new custom piece! How can I help to promote your business? This is my all-time favorite question. The best promotion you can give me is to tell your friends, acquaintances, and family about your experience. Also of great help is a positive Yelp! review, or kudos on other social networking sites. Thanks for asking!